Epiphany, or whatever you want to call it

Epiphany, or whatever you want to call it


So, I was working on the plan for Death wish just now. Scene #13 – Elizabeth’s suicide. Don’t know why (well I am lying, I know exactly why 😉 ) but most of my work is in English this morning. My brain is stuck on Shakespeare mode, it happens from time to time.

Anyway. Working on the scene… Seeing it in my mind. I swear I was there with her, and I did not want her to do it! This scene is so strong, I started having goose bumps, I felt the air, heard the wind in the branches, and smelled the heavy summer evening humidity. The tension was palpable. And Lizzie… she was going to do it, she was ready! Then I cried… 43 years old guy crying in front of this keyboard for a fictional character, how about that ?

Let me tell you one thing people, in those rare moments, that’s when you know : YOU’RE A WRITER !!

I apologize for the tone of this post, I wrote it as fast as I could, trying to capture the essence of what just happened and not looking back as I didn’t want to lose those perfect emotions. It’s a pure rendering of a writer’s mind in the middle of his work. I cannot give you a closer inside than this!

Now, I hope I will be good enough to write this scene down, to give it the powerful jolt I just had. Follow writers, hang on to those rare moments, they are jewels, ultimate rewards of our hard craftsmanship. As intimate as it is, to me, THIS is worth a million likes on any social network…

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