Unlimited Plan*

Unlimited Plan*

2012 Yann Queffelec’s prize runner-up
Type : Novel
1st EN édition : 2024 march 12
Publisher : SdS Publishing
Collection : Thriller
Genre : Techno-thriller
Media : Paperback (285p) and ebook
ISBN : 978-2959431203
ASIN: 2959431200


When cyberterrorism goes mobile


(*) Unlimited = All-inclusive package: talk, text, data, and murder (**)
(**) This option is active regardless of your service provider and cannot be unsubscribed.


When Jeremy Baltac—former member of a hacker elite group turned cybersecurity engineer—learns about the disappearance of an old teammate, he has no idea it’s the starting point of a real race against time. Members of his former group are being eliminated one by one, and only Jeremy and the mysterious “Doctor” seem to be able to thwart an international cyber-terrorism plot of an unprecedented scale. From Paris to Toronto, from Moscow to New York, the world’s most secret government agencies will intersect with that of the underground and colorful pseudonyms. You will discover the modern means of communication under a new light, and never read a short text message the same as before.


Techno-thriller. The fragmented style of this story gradually reveals the progression of the plot and the investigation to counter it. It is written in a very visual manner where scenes follow each other through cinematographic and situational transitions.


“When cyberterrorism goes mobile.”

This year, the new offers from your mobile providers will truly change your life. It’s free, and there’s nothing to change in your contract. Murder? It’s as simple as sending a text message…

Jeremy Baltac works as a cybersecurity consultant for major accounts; banks, insurers, administrations. A bit eccentric? Probably. Intelligence slightly offbeat? Definitely. His company is thriving, and he leads a peaceful life. He has long left his past as a member of a hacker elite group behind him. So, when he learns of the fatal stroke that killed a former teammate, he is far from imagining it is the beginning of a systematic elimination of each affiliate from his old network.

The circumstances surrounding these deaths are more than suspicious; using cerebral stroke as a murder weapon is anything but ordinary! And what could be the motive for eliminating this group twenty years later, in a sector where technologies change every six months? Contacted by a mysterious organization that has made the connection between the murders and a large-scale cyber-terrorist attack, Jeremy must collaborate without putting his best friend, the enigmatic “Doctor,” in the crosshairs of the authorities.

As he helps to unravel the case, in the shadows, seemingly unrelated pawns are patiently moved across a global chessboard. A missing person reappears. A very rare compound is stolen from a research lab. A corpse is disguised. A man is murdered leaving a casino. Accidents multiply among telecommunications technicians. An advertising contract is forged. Thousands of anonymous bank accounts are opened overnight. And a new encryption algorithm makes its entrance. Soon, there’s only one piece left to complete this puzzle.

And if this masquerade had only one purpose: to unmask the identity of the “Doctor”? Could this genius hacker, with his paranoid mind and numerous scenarios of global conspiracies, be the only one capable of stopping the looming threat? From Paris to Toronto, from Moscow to New York, through Spain and England, a complex investigation unfolds, where the world of the most secret government agencies will intersect with the underground computing world. “Big Brother is watching you,” sure … but this time Big Bro is not in control anymore, and no one is safe…


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